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Thank you for booking from us, as promised we will give you a 2% CASH REBATE on total booking value you have made, please kindly fill up the details below, and we will send you the rebate 5 days after your departure.

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Question : How to get the Booking ID ?

Answer : After you make a hotel reservation from our website, you will receive a Booking Confirmation Voucher from Agoda, and you will see the Booking ID from the Voucher

Question : How much is 2 %  cash rebate?

Answer : The cash rebate is based on the total booking value, for example if you book a hotel and cost you USD 1000, we will give you USD 20 ( 2% ) as rebate

Question :  Why we should book from you ?

Answer :  Our rate is the lowest compare from other hotel providers, moreover we offer 2% cash rate, you cant find any cheapest rate in the market.

Question :  I did not received any emails or rebate from you ?

Answer :  Please take note the email we are using is ‘ bookingrebate ‘at’ ‘ and please kindly check your junk mail / spam folder

Question :  Is that the 2% cash rebate only apply for this hotel ?

Answer : The 2% cash rebate apply for all our partner hotels ( we have 330,000 hotels worldwide ). Please email us at ‘ bookingrebate ‘at’ ‘ the hotel name and we will send you the link for reservation and you are entitled for the 2% rebate