Fraser Hill is one of the tourist spot where people like to relax the cool atmosphere and taste some of the delicious items in this beautiful environmet. Most of the typical Malay dishes are available in this hilly area and in the foggy weather it is really a delight for the travelers to taste some of the delicious culinary delights. The candle light dinners is the best option in this region with a temperature less than 25 degrees celsius and having the taste of some of the spicy items. For roaming the places and for the people to have the taste of the versatile food items this is the best place. There are some of the best restaurants available here in the Fraser Hill and some of them which are popular among the customers are as discussed:

Kheng Yuen Lee

This is the first welcoming restaurant in the Bukit Fraser area as they greet the visitors warmly. From the town center this restaurant is very nearby and some of the wonderful and experienced staff is here in this restaurant. Some of the traditional Chinese items are here in the restaurant with some tasty noodles and momos. The interior of this restaurant is just like the Chinese coffeehouse and it remains crowded during most of the tourist seasons.

Mimi Strawberi Restaurant

Within the sports complex this restaurant is present with a lovely view facing the golf course. This place near to many of the reputed resident people in the Fraser town and people like to come here in the weekends and taste some of the delicious items here. Some of the signature strawberry milk shakes with ice creams are the special items available here and some of the dishes which are available in this restaurant include local version of Western food dishes, Nasi Paprik, Malay Hawker stall cuisine which are specilaized in making the Banjo Burger and many other special food items.

Food Garden

This food garden restaurant is situated in a public park and comprises of local hawker stalls and resaturants. The Allan’s water and the Jeriau waterfall are near to this restaurant and this place is considered as the most popular easting shop in the Fraser Hill. The rice and noodles in this restaurant are served in many different ways and some of the western food which are available here are the colorful snacks, pastries and kababs, delicious desserts and meat shops and fries. Most of the crowds in this restaurant are from Asia and a few people from the western countries who like the spicy items definitely make a visit here.

Scott’s Pub

Scott’s Pub and restaurant is a continental restaurant and the restaurant is placed in a colonial bunglow. The restaurant is beautiful to look at with some of the old Tudor architecture and the restaurant is well known for some kind of the local recipes with a English menu. Imported food and delicious pastas are available here in the Scott’s Pub with a light music such for a relaxing atmosphere. This restaurant is opened daily with beams and brick fireplaces along the walls.


This is the mosque restaurant in the Fraser Hill and the restaurant is located on a hill slope. In a hawker stall environment some of the lovely local Malay cuisines are available here. The restaurant is known for some of the traditional cuisines and has a fency café setting with the outdoor deck for dining.

Hence, with all these popular restaurants the citizens in the Fraser Hill can always be satisfied with all the delicious cuisines available and most of the local residents are really pleased with the hawker stalls serving some of the local food items.