Two hours away from the city of Kuala Lumpur there is a beautiful highland resort destination known as the Fraser Hills. Visitors mainly from Singapore and other parts of Asia come to this cooling holiday retreat area and spend most of their time on holidays. This place was founded by several  British Colonial masters, and since then it has become one of the major tourist places not only in Asia but all over the world. People here want to enjoy the cooling atmosphere and the peace of mind that prevails here. The place is at a height of nearly 1200 meters and one of the beautiful highland resort destinations in the modern world. Some of the unique and marvelous destinations here in the Fraser Hill which always reamins in the people’s heart are as follows:

Bird Watching

The interactive center for the birds is one of the major attractions in Fraser Hill where more than 270 species of birds are found and the birds are local and migratory birds. The bird lovers can spend hours here viewing the unique characteristics of the birds and most of the researches even come to this interactive center to study about the different birds available. The birds can also be seen from the Pine tree hill and it is considered as one of the recommended spots for bird watching in Fraser Hill.

Picnicking in Fraser Hill

Picnicking is always a great choice in the Fraser Hill especially for a day uoting. The cool atmosphere, the special natural beauties and in such weather foods such as the BBQ, steamboat, grills can make the vacations more memorable. One such location which is suitable for picnicking in the Fraser Hill is the Jeriau Waterfall and the Waterfall is very near to the Smokehouse Hotel. Along the river’s banks there is well paved footpath, BBQ pit lines, benches and all kinds of facilities for the visitors who come all along to have a view of the waterfall. By looking the photography scenes of the waterfall the travellers remains stunned and they feel heaven once they reach here.


Alan’s water in the Fraser Hill is the only place for Paddling and is a lovely spot opposite a Hindu temple. It is a very small pond surrounded by tree ferns and even though it is not a super size lake people like to spend their evenings here and near to the pond a small playground for the children is also available. This venue opens in the early morning 9 am and boating in Alan’s water is ajoy for the visitors in this cool environment

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is another attraction in the Fraser Hill and it is also one of the experiences which can be gathered by the visitors. The riding location is near to the 9hole golf green green with a vast amount of area.

Colonial buildings abound

This buildings were built by the British colonials when they ruled this place and established the lovely village with all the colonial buildings around. Most of the European visitors like to stay in these buildings as the temperature of the Fraser Hills really suits them.

Puncakk Inn

One of the most lovely restaurants in the Fraser Hill for some of the best lunch refreshments. The outside tables of the restaurant allows the customers to have a lovely view of the hilly area and along with the delightful place can enjoy the delightful food.

Sunrise and Sunset

Some of the breathe taking views of the sunrise and sunset at such an altitude is amazing and this is definitely one of the special attractions in Fraser Hills.